NAEDC Services

In an effort to serve as an asset to the area business community, NAEDC and their partners have an ever-evolving set of services to provide businesses, entrepreneurs and site selectors. As a non-profit entity we are here to offer essential business and economic development services at no cost, rather than charging high user fees for subpar services and lack of concern. The absence of user fees, paired with top-quality services emphasizing growth and success will help your bottom line. Even though we offer services assisting interested persons at any stage of the business cycle, we are sure to listen to the changing needs of industry and the global economy to increase our value moving forward. It is essential for you to continue open communication with our partners and us so we can continually improve our services and value, thus further improving your bottom line.

In the event that we cannot assist your business, we would be happy to delve into our vast network of partners to find the right contact for you. We believe in collaboration and cohesiveness, so we have full confidence our partners can provide top-quality services we may not offer at this time. Here are our partners and their contact information. If our partners do not offer the desired services, please contact us and we will work to find services and/or contacts.

Please view our FREE services below:

  • Community strategic planning
  • Grant and resource information
  • Assistance in forming community development groups
  • Economic development project management
  • Business attraction
  • Focus on job creation
  • Certified staff in business retention & expansion
  • Community and regional marketing
  • Entrepreneur assistance
  • Business start-up support
  • People recruitment
  • FREE business & property listings
  • Financial packaging for attraction & expansion projects
  • LB840 (Economic Development Program) Guidance
  • Community tours
  • Encourage business-to-business relations
  • Area business advocate for communities