Board of Directors

The Norfolk Area Economic Development Council and City of Norfolk – Economic Development division is a collaborative effort between Madison County and the City of Norfolk. Our service area covers all of Madison County, Nebraska.

Norfolk Area Economic Development Council
Board of Directors
President: Russ Wilcox– City Appointed At-Large
Vice President: Ron Schmidt– County Supervisor
Sec.-Treasurer: Jim Bradford Jr.– Action Council Appointed At-Large
Director: Steve McNally – Immediate Past Chair of the NACC
Director: Tim Tighe – Chair of Action Council
Director:  Mike Sousek– Vice-Chair of Action Council
Director: Josh Moenning – Mayor of Norfolk
Director: Steve Sunderman – County Appointed At-Large
Director: Sue Fuchtman – GNEDF Appointed At-Large

Mark Zimmerer – Chamber President & CEO
Andrew Colvin – Director of Economic Development (City of Norfolk)
Dr. Michael Chipps – President of Northeast Community College
David Copple – GNEDF Legal Council

City of Norfolk, City Council 
Economic Development Subcommittee
Mayor Josh Moenning
Councilman Shane Clausen, Ward 4
Councilman Corey Granquist, Ward 1
Councilman Rob Merrill, Ward 3
Councilman Jim Lange, Ward 2
City Administrator, Andrew Colvin