Highways/Interstate Access

Norfolk and the surrounding communities are well-positioned to offer the transportation advantages of a mid-west location. Our central access to three Interstate Highways (80, 90 & 29) allows three day truck delivery to either coast (most east coast states accessible in two days) making our location among the best in economic development site options. Our strategic position on the Hwy 81 and 275 junction positions us to serve as the regional hub for a trade area of more than 125,000  individuals.

Interstate 90 (I-90) is the longest Interstate Highway in the United States at 3,101.13 miles. It is the northernmost coast-to-coast interstate, and parallels US 20 for the most part. Its western terminus is in Seattle, Washington, and its eastern terminus is in Boston, Massachusetts. Interstate 80 (I-80) is the second-longest Interstate Highway in the United States and runs from downtown San Francisco, California to Teaneck, New Jersey in the New York City Metropolitan Area.