The Norfolk Area Economic Development Council takes great pride in knowing that we are partnered with very capable and helpful organizations. If we do not offer a service or program, we will work to find the proper entity/individual to contact. Our partners offer a wide variety of services and programs at the local, regional and state levels. While we are always trying to add more partners to give a more complete service to area businesses, we feel a strength of NAEDC are the contacts and resources we have for your convenience.

It is the intent of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska, to implement an Economic Development Program, the purpose and goals of which will be to: create jobs and generate employment opportunities; to expand labor markets of Norfolk, Madison County and the surrounding area; to attract new capital investment to the community to broaden its tax base; to retain jobs and help existing businesses remain competitive and profitable; provide economic diversification to ensure economic stability and vitality for the community of Norfolk and the surrounding area; and to provide the educational tools and training needed on an ongoing basis.

Contact Information:

Josh Moenning 
309 N. 5th Street
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 844-2000 | Phone
Andrew Colvin
City Administrator
309 N. 5th Street
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 844-2000 | Phone
Andrew Colvin
Economic Development Director
309 N. 5th Street
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 844-2000 | Phone


Black Hills Energy is a Black Hills Corporation company that provides electric and natural gas service to over 600,000 customers in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.

For your Business:
As the owner or operator of a business in a community in which Black Hills Energy provides natural gas service, we want to go beyond just meeting your energy needs.  We also want to help your business grow and prosper because a vibrant economy is the foundation of strong, growing communities.  Many of our business customers count on Black Hills Energy’s professional economic development staff to assist with expansion play.  We can also help your find resources for employee training, financing, expansion strategies and even reducing red tape.  Our communities call it economic Development – we call it good business.

For your Community:
You have a partner in your community’s economic development efforts, as Black Hills Energy can help:
Retain existing companies and their expansions
Attract new business to your community
Improve your area’s assets and market them regionally, nationally and globally.
We have assisted numerous communities with project proposals, lead generation, infrastructure planning; organizational development; and innovative, cost effective energy solutions.

We know your community has unique opportunities and challenges and Black Hills Energy is always available to help you with customized requests to present the most attractive compelling case for your community.  We offer economic Development tools to communities including:
Board Training
Community Housing Assessments
Cooperative Investments
Demographic Information
Professional Development Scholarships
Prospect Credit Reports
Prospect Proposal Assistance
Strategic Planning Assistance
Technical Assistance
Web Site Reviews

Contact Black Hills Energy Today!

Contact Information:

Cheryl Brandenburgh, CEcD
Manager, Economic Development
PO Box 83008
Lincoln, NE 68501-3008
402-437-1850 or 800-232-1850 | Phone
402-802-6478 | Cell | Email
Scott Zaruba
Manager, Operations Nebraska’s North Region
PO Box 83008
Lincoln, NE 68501
(402) 371-7195, Ext. 13 | Phone | Email



Through 30+ years of service to the business community in Nebraska and to higher education in Nebraska, the Nebraska Business Development Center has amassed thousands of small victories thattogether mean a better economy and a better life for all Nebraskans. Beginning with a focus on small businesses through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Development Center program and expanding through technology training, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the Procurement Technical Assistance Program, the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center, Business Training, and other programs, NBDC has touched businesses and communities throughout Nebraska. It has assisted businesses through economic distress and expansion and has enhanced the skills of thousands of people working in those businesses.

Norfolk Service Center

Manufacturing Assistance
Renee Held, Consultant
801 E Benjamin Ave.
Lifelong Learning Center
Norfolk, NE 68702-0469
(402) 564-0105 | Phone | Email
Loren Kucera, Director
Wayne State College
1111 Main Street
Wayne, NE 68787
(402) 375-7575 | Phone
(402) 375-7574 | Fax | Email
Vicky Jones
Certified Government contracting Counselor
Procurement Technical Assistance Center
Nebraska Business Development Center
Wayne State College, Gardner Hall
1111 Main Street
Wayne, NE 68787
(402) 375-7735 | Phone | Email

Services Provided:


The Nebraska Community Foundation, headquartered in Lincoln, serves communities, organizations and donors throughout Nebraska. We provide a range of services, including financial management, strategic development, education, training and convening to affiliated funds statewide. NCF empowers community leadership, builds nonprofit capacity and links charitable giving to the creation of greater economic opportunity and prosperity. To this end, NCF is not a grant maker itself with all grant-making decisions made at the local level through affiliated funds.

Tax-Exempt Status
NCF serves as the nonprofit “umbrella” organization for its affiliated funds. Through NCF, affiliated funds gain 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, which allows their donors to receive a tax deduction for their contributions. NCF prepares and files the IRS Form 990 and obtains an audit of its financial statements by an independent CPA firm.

Financial and Administrative Services
NCF provides professional services for its affiliated funds, including all day-to-day financial record keeping, disbursements, financial reports and endowed asset management.

On-Site Training and Technical Assistance
NCF provides real time assistance to affiliated fund leaders for goal setting, strategic planning, leadership development, donor cultivation, fundraising and endowment building.

Peer Learning Networks
NCF deploys a corps of volunteer peer mentors with specific areas of expertise who work one-on-one with communities.  NCF supports a statewide peer learning network of volunteers who share best practices through workshops, regional meetings, conferences and webinars.

Gift Planning Assistance
NCF assists attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, financial planners, bankers and brokers and their clients and donors with charitable gift planning.

Marketing and Communications
NCF provides its affiliated funds with marketing materials at minimal or no cost, and assists local leaders in developing customized brochures, fundraising letters, press releases and articles.

Contact Information:
Nebraska Community Foundation
PO Box 83107
3833 S 14th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 323-7330 | Phone
(402) 323-7349 | Fax | Email


The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) is the official lead economic development agency for Nebraska. Created by the Legislature in 1967, DED’s emphasis is growing and diversifying the state’s “economic base,” bringing new dollars into the state.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development Mission is: To provide quality leadership and services that enable Nebraska communities, businesses, and people to succeed in a global economy. We are here, equipped and ready, to assist you and your community in developing and capitalizing on economic development opportunities.

The Department’s four operating divisions:

Business Development Division : Provides assistance to communities with business and economic development programs, offers direct assistance to businesses, and represents statewide interests in retaining, expanding and recruiting businesses to the state.

Community and Rural Development Division : Provides technical and financial services through community-targeted programs and regional service delivery.

Travel and Tourism Division : Visit Nebraska! Travel and tourism is big business, and one of the most steadily expanding industries in the national and world economy.

Division of Administration and Operations : Provides support to the other three operating divisions, which offers cost-effective and efficient administrative, fiscal, human resources, marketing, and public information services.

Business Development Incentives:

Loan & Loan Guarantee

Tax Incentives

The Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (NMEP) sole purpose is to provide small and medium sized manufacturers with the exact tools they need to succeed in the global marketplace. The NMEP works directly with manufacturers, helping them access a national network of more than 2,000 field engineers and manufacturing specialists whose solutions can be tailor-made for each company’s specific needs, ultimately leading to greater productivity, increased profits, and enhanced global competitiveness.

Contact Information:

Sheryl Hiatt
Development Consultant—North-Central Region
(402) 340-6180 | Phone



Since the creation of public power in Nebraska, Nebraska Public Power District and its predecessors have had an organized economic development program with a full-time staff dedicated to the promotion of sustained economic growth in Nebraska. NPPD’s Economic Development Team partners with NPPD’s retail division and wholesale customers concentrating on positioning communities and regions for economic growth, assisting with the expansion and retention of existing industry, and/or attracting new business.

Job growth is one measure of the success of economic development efforts. According to the Nebraska Department of Labor, manufacturing employment growth in non-metropolitan Nebraska has increased 51.1 percent since 1986, while the national average has decreased 1.0 percent. Nebraska’s economy is strong and growing.

Positioning Communities

NPPD assists communities in preparing for economic growth by providing Calling Card/Nebraska, Community Fact Books, Community Web pages, consultation, education, facilitation, Industrial Site Brochures, mock prospect visits, Nebraska Economic Development Information (NEDI) Online, Project Proposal Guidelines, research, site evaluations, trend studies and printed & online materials.

Expansion and Retention of Existing Businesses

The expansion and retention of existing businesses is a very important component of economic development. NPPD will identify programs and resources available as well as provide technical assistance to existing businesses.

Attracting New Businesses

Successful business recruitment programs require an effective way to communicate Nebraska’s locational advantages to business and industry and to identify companies which may be expanding or relocating manufacturing facilities.

NPPD is constantly evaluating different methods of attracting the attention of site selection consultants and business executives. Our marketing program is designed to create a positive image of our state and to generate interest in locating a project in Nebraska.

Currently, our marketing program consists of a combination of advertising, trade shows, direct mail, and geographic recruitment trips.

Contact Information:

Mary Plettner, CEcD
Economic Development Manager
1200 S Chestnut Street
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 644-3104 or (800) 550-310 | Phone
(402) 750-1907 | Cell
(402) 644-3111 | Fax | Email
Nebraska Public Power District
Economic Development Department
PO Box 499
Columbus, Nebraska 68602-0499
(800) 282-6773 | Phone | Email



On behalf of the membership of the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce, we welcome you to Norfolk. Our organization takes pride in our leadership role as we lead the growth of the regional economy.

Norfolk is a great place to live, work and play. As the center of the fifth largest economy in Nebraska, we offer diverse employment opportunity, a prominent regional medical center, and a retail trade sector that serves a population of over 100,000 northeast Nebraskans. The Chamber is actively involved in economic development in the Norfolk area, addressing housing needs in the community, improving transportation, aggressively attracting tourism events to Norfolk, monitoring and influencing legislation at the local, state and federal levels, and promoting education and business partnerships.

Our staff is ready to serve you. Please feel free to call us at (402) 371-4862 or to stop by for information about regional attractions, activities and information about the Norfolk area. Our office is located downtown, at 609 W Norfolk Avenue. Our website also is a ready source of information.


A great education, an excellent value, and friendly and caring staff are just a few of the reasons students cite for choosing Northeast Community College in Nebraska. Our programs of study are second to none, and our tuition rate is among the lowest in Nebraska and surrounding states.

Northeast Community College is your partner for making your business or organization strong and competitive. We provide training and workshops that help you and your employees stay on top of today’s business and industry needs as well as plan for the future. We have access to local, regional, state, national, and international training expertise. Our purpose is to provide high-quality, cost-effective training solutions for our business partners.

Examples of training include but are not limited to:

  • Management, Supervisory, and Leadership training
  • Safety, Compliance, Quality Control, and Technical Skills training
  • Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences
  • Computer software training such as:
    • MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook,
    • MS PowerPoint, MS Word,
    • Quick Books, Quicken
  • Various topics of general interest to business, industry, and communities

Customized Training: NECC can customize training to meet your business or organization’s needs.

Nebraska Worker Training Program: The Nebraska Worker Training Program is a business incentive program to support the retraining and upgrading of Nebraska’s current workforce. Business and Industry Training Grants are available to aid businesses.

Contact Information:

Northeast Community College
801 East Benjamin Avenue
Norfolk, NE 68702
(402) 371-2020 | Phone
(800) 348-9033 | Toll Free | Email
Eric Johnson
Associate Vice President
Center for Enterprise
(402) 844-7236 | Phone | Email
Tracy Melcher
Business & Industry Training Coordinator
(402) 844-7235 | Phone | Email



The Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD) was created and recognized by the US Department of Commerce, and the Economic Development Administration (EDA) in 1977. Our main objective is to encourage cooperation between local government officials, community based organizations and the private sector. The mission of NENEDD is to build communities, empower families and advance businesses through the use of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).

In 2000 the District created its non-profit entity, Northeast Economic Development, Inc. (NED, Inc.). NED, Inc. was created for multiple purposes, all of which have the primary function to assist in community and economic stability of the region. Click here to view specific activities related to NED, Inc.

Thomas Higginbotham
Executive Director
111 S 1st Street
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 379-1150 | Phone | Email

NENEDD has three departments to assist you:

Community Planning: This department provides assistance to our community members to address community and economic development needs. We conduct need assessments and attitude surveys, identify funding sources, aid in the preparation/administration of grants and loans, and prepare environmental reviews for housing, public infrastructure and business development projects.

Housing: Each member of our housing department is a certified Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) administrator. We specialize in offering low-to-moderate income families of Northeast Nebraska ample opportunity to improve their living conditions through one of our three housing programs.
Programs: Down Payment Assistance, Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation, New Construction

Business Loans: In 1994 a business revolving loan program was incorporated into the District using Economic Development Administration grant funds and Nebraska Microenterprise Partnership Funds. These resources enable us to provide the funds needed to fill financial gaps and aid business and industry in expansion and the creation of new job opportunities. We specialize in assisting with business recruitment, retention and expansion meetings. We also coordinate entrepreneurial training programs and financial packaging.
Assistance: Loan Application, Folleto en Espanol, Financial Institution Survey


The Northeast Nebraska RC&D Council, which is 1 out of the 12 RC&D Councils that cover the entire state of Nebraska, develops programs and projects in the following areas:

Land Conservation: By encouraging land conservation, the Council will improve soil health, reduce soil erosion and help keep sediment out of the water

Land Management: Environmental projects improve natural resources for agricultural and other uses, such as tourism, fish and wildlife habitat, and environmental education. Projects may also promote and preserve historical, scenic sites, energy conservation, and producing energy crops.

Water Management: Provide for the conservation, use and quality of water, flood mitigation, agricultural water management, and improved water quality.

Community Development: The Council will help create jobs and sponsor job training along with skills development. The Council will help improve or acquire needed community facilities, such as recreation structures, sewage treatment plants, solid waste disposal systems, water systems and roads.

For more information about the State Association or the other RC&D’s go to

Northeast Nebraska RC&D Council provides the following types of assistance:

  • Technical Assistance: identify and bring together public and private assistance sources to solve specific problems
  • Planning Assistance: assists with the planning, strategy development, and support needed to see a project or activity through to a successful completion.
  • Information/Education Activities: conduct multi county conferences, seminars, tours, demonstration, and more to promote rural development activities.
  • Grant Writing Assistance: assists with public and private grant proposals to fund local projects.
  • Organizational Support: support of local projects.

Project Assistance

The area council considers providing assistance for projects based on the goals and objectives established by the 5-year plan. Once a project is adopted, the council will assist the local group in coordinating project assistance from sources best qualified and able to provide that assistance in variety of ways.

To have a project considered by the RC&D, fill out a project proposal form and submit it to the RC&D office. If the committee sees that the project fits the RC&D goals, it will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for consideration. The Directors may ask for a presentation on the proposal.Download a project proposal form >>

Contact Information
702 E Park Avenue
Plainview, NE 68769
(402) 582-4866 | Phone
(402) 582-3799 | Fax | Email


University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension is an important resource for all Nebraskans…

The difference between knowledge and “know how”: Extension provides more than just information or knowledge. The goal of extension is to help Nebraskans transform knowledge into “know how” — having confidence, skill and understanding to make better decisions about their businesses, their communities, their families and their personal lives.

Unbiased, research-based information: Extension is not interested in making a sale or promoting a product.  Extension’s interest lies in helping Nebraskans gain valuable know-how and make important, fact-based decisions for their businesses, families and communities.

Rapid distribution of new research: This is the “Know Now” part of extension.  When new discoveries or new information become available through university research, this information is made available to the network of extension educators and specialists across the state — so they, in turn, can share it with Nebraskans who can use it.

Driven by what Nebraskans need: Extension research and information based in great part on issues, challenges and opportunities indentified by Nebraskans themselves. Many valuable and critical extension programs have been created in response to the grassroots needs communicated by Nebraskans through County Extension Boards and other advisory committees.

Cooperative funding ensures local relevance and impact: Funding for extension is shared by Nebraska counties, state government and federal programs and grants. Extension works closely with County Extension Boards to ensure that local-level needs are being met.

A 15-to-1 return on investment: An independent study found the university’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resouces (IANR), of which extension is an integral part, provides at least a 15-to-1 return on the state tax dollars Nebraska invests in it.

Local Extension Offices:

601 E. Benjamin Ave. Suite 105
Norfolk, NE 68701-0813
(402) 370-4040 | Phone
(800) 217-4310 | Toll Free
| Email
111 W. Court St., Room 13
Pierce, NE 68767-1224
(402) 329-4821 | Phone | Email
804 Ivy
P.O. Box 588
Stanton, NE 68779-0588
(402) 439-2231 | Phone | Email



The Nebraska Staff of USDA Rural Development is committed to assisting Nebraskans in accessing USDA financing programs that are designed to offer:

  • Affordable homeownership and repair opportunities.
  • Safe and modern rental housing facilities.
  • Essential public facilities and services including: Water and sewer systems, Community facilities, Telecommunications equipment and facilities
  • Business opportunities to build and sustain healthy economies.
  • Financial and technical assistance to cooperative and value-added efforts across Nebraska.
  • Energy opportunities for conservation, installation of renewable energy systems, and research & demonstration on biofuels and advanced biofuels.

Rural Business programs seek to enhance the quality of life for all rural Americans by providing leadership in building competitive businesses that can prosper in both the domestic and global trading marketplace. Click on the program you would like to view additional information for…

Rural Utilities programs provide assistance to rural communities to ensure access to affordable and essential utilities such as water, waste disposal, electricity, and telecommunications services.  These services help to improve the quality of life for people who live, work, or do business in rural areas. Click on the program you would like to view additional information for…

Contact Information:

Office located in Room 308, Federal Building;  Mailing Address:  Room 152, Federal Building
100 Centennial Mall North
Lincoln, Nebraska  68508
(402) 437-5551 | Phone
(402) 437-5408 | Fax


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. We recognize that small business is critical to our economic recovery and strength, to building America’s future, and to helping the United States compete in today’s global marketplace. Although SBA has grown and evolved in the years since it was established in 1953, the bottom line mission remains the same. The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. Through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations, SBA delivers its services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

SBA Programs

Technical Assistance (Training & Counseling) –Entrepreneurial DevelopmentOffice of Entrepreneurship Education, Native American Affairs, SBDCs, SCORE, Small Business Training Network, Womens Business Ownership, International Trade

Financial Assistance –Loan Programs, Specialty Loan Programs, Financial Assistance, Investment Division, Surety Guarantees, International Trade

Contracting Assistance –Government Contracting/BD, Government Contracting, Size Standards, Surety Guarantees, Technology (SBIR/STTR)

Disaster Assistance Recovery –Disaster Assistance

Special Interests: Women, Veterans, Native Americans, Opportunity Gaps, Young Entrepreneurs, International Trade

Advocacy, Laws & Regulations –Advocacy, Ombudsman

Civil Rights Compliance – CRC English, En Espanol

Contact Information:

Nebraska District Office
10675 Bedford Ave., Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68134
(402) 221-4691 | Phone
(402) 221-3680 | Fax